Business Development


CPC has strong relationship with numerous Indian companies and can act as an interface between the Foreign and Indian companies in identifying the right partner, products, technology

  • Identification of potential partners and strategic alliances
  • Lead or assist in discussions, development, negotiation and execution of the appropriate business deal with interested target companies
  • Outsourcing API, Intermediates, Biotech products from India
  • Contract manufacturing of API or Formulations under exclusive licensing arrangement
  • Assist in setting up joint venture for manufacturing / analytical testing facilities


Business DevelopmentBusiness Development

  • Provide end to end marketing services to Indian companies looking to sell their products/APIs abroad
  • Organize Stability studies, Analytical method development, Bioequivalence studies, Impurity profiling etc and related documentation
  • Arrange pre-formulation studies and related documentation
  • Dossier development, ANDA, DMF preparation etc.
  • Carry out 3rd party audits on your behalf to ensure that they remain in state of compliance.

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