Project Management


  • Complete civil and structural engineering design and general layout
  • Detailed drawing for RCC
  • Sectional Drawings
  • Structural Steel and Allied Works
  • Foundation drawings for equipment
  • Specifications, BOQs and detailed tender documents for Civil Construction
  • Design and detailed drawings for effective drainage system with necessary septic tanks, pumps etc.
  • Approval of the detailed fabrication drawing for structural members prepared by contractors in compliance with code, design basis etc.


  • Detailed Engineering Design and drawings
  • Electrical Classification
  • Designing Power supply & distribution system for power, lighting, earthing, lightening protection, fire alarm, public address, computer networking, telephones, access door control along with single line diagram with detailed distribution system from point of supply
  • Detailed specifications for all electrical requirements including switch boards etc.
  • BOQs and specifications for all electrical items such as switch gears, cables, lighting fixtures, fittings etc.
  • Tender document for electrical / instruments installation work and execution
  • Building Management System


  • Specifications, drawings as required for all equipment and bought out items, pipes, valves and other accessories
  • Utility flow diagrams
  • P&ID
  • Mechanical / piping erection
  • BOQs for piping etc. and recommendation of contractor for installation work
  • Approval of vendor’s working drawings for piping, all utilities, fabrication as well as bought out equipment
  • Detailed piping layout drawings for utilities and isometric drawings where required
  • Assistance in Equipment inspection 


  • List of instruments required, specification, accessories and panels
  • Approval of vendor’s working drawings
  • Checking of Qualification / Validation Documents from Instrument Manufacturer


  • Identifying air conditioning system based on requirement for different manufacturing areas and facilities
  • Area Classification, Clean Rooms, Zoning, Pressure differentials
  • Design and detailed specifications and drawings for all items requirement related to HVAC
  • Detailed specifications and BOQs
  • Evaluation of the offers and recommend qualified turnkey contractors
  • Check and approve vendor drawings
  • Checking qualification / validation documents of manufacturer


  • Boiler and Purified Steam System
  • Water system including Ultra High Purified Water
  • Compressed Air System, Nitrogen, Vacuum
  • DG Set
  • Cooling Towers
  • Utility Piping


  • Designing of basic scheme for effluent treatment
  • Segregation of low and high TDS streams
  • Zero Discharge
  • Co-ordination of all activities involved, to implementation of ETP
  • Preparation of tender documents for supply of Effluent Treatment Plant to selected vendors


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